James Barker Band

August 12

5:10 p.m. - 5:55 p.m.

Scène Lasso Bell

James Barker Band have fueled an incredible story over the last six years, largely on their own,  from playing opening spots in small Ontario bars to charting multiple No. 1 singles, garnering hundreds of millions of global streams, and headlining some of Canada’s largest country music festivals. Now, with new music on the way, the four-piece is continuing their meteoric ascent in Nashville. Made up of James Barker (lead vocals/guitar), Taylor Abram (guitar/background vocals), Connor Stephen (drums), and Bobby Martin (bass), the members of James Barker Band grew up within an hour of each other in rural towns surrounding Toronto.
In 2017, they sent their single “Chills” straight to the top of Billboard’s Canadian Hot 100 chart. The upbeat anthem also achieved Platinum status, alongside other songs from their introductory LP Game On, earning them numerous national awards. In addition, these best-friends have already amassed six GOLD-certified and two PLATINUM-certified tracks which include “There's A  Drink For That”, “Just Sayin',” “It's Working,” “Lawn Chair Lazy,” “Good Together,” “Summertime,”  “Chills” (PLATINUM) and “Keep It Simple” (PLATINUM) as well as a GOLD-certified EP (Game On). Now, as the rising stars reposition themselves in Nashville, many miles from their hometowns, the opportunities are limitless – but the band remains grounded in their small-town roots.